Take a look at the case studies of our latest work to see examples of what we can do for you.
Our projects include a documentary short and training videos as part of online education modules.

The Father's House Christian Healing Centre, Lawson NSW
Documentary Short


The Father's House Church was preparing a submission to their local council to build a church on their heritage protected property in Lawson NSW. The property has an extensive history of being owned and used by Christians and being used as a monastery by different Christian orders. They needed a video about the history of the land as part of their submission. 

CP researched the history of the property, found archival images of previous owners and interviewed local residents who had stories about the property. We filmed with a drone because it's an effective way to show the property. We then wrote a voice over script which used the common thread of the land as a place of healing to create a coherent and engaging retelling of the history.

Cadia Park was screened at the church's Christmas Carols event in December 2017.

AEGIC eLearning
Training video


The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre are creating online training modules.

Cappow Productions consulted with AEGIC and we decided the best apporach was to combine footage demonstrating the technique of measuring Falling Number with a presenter to personalise the information. We recorded and edited together footage and images to visualise what the presenter was explaining. We also included text to engage reading/writing learners.

We create an animation to demonstrate the chemical process of enzyme activation.

AEGIC eLearning
Training video


This is the 2nd of the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre learning modules.

We continued in a similar style as the Wheat Falling Number video. This video has more animations to demonstrate the Plansifter equipment, some animations are more minimalist to demonstrate the process. Other animations transition from the real life equipment to illustrate how the equipment works.

AEGIC eLearning 
Training video


We were commissioned to create another module for the Australian Export Grain Innovations Centre. This module is about Dough Mixing, we combine animation, video of the dough mixing process and text to incorporate the different learning styles of students.

We Will Rock You, Hornsby Musical Society 2018


We were asked to create a series of videos that were shown during Hornsby Musical Society’s performance of We Will Rock You in April 2018.

In the near future, the Globalsoft Corporation controls humanity through the media, this evil corporation is run by Killer Queen. We created Killer Queen’s introduction video, in the musical Killer Queen’s videos would take over all broadcast networks to deliver her message to the people of the iPlanet. We created “glitch” effects in the video and sound to give the effect of the digital world that Killer Queen existed in and the decay of technology.

We Will Rock You, Hornsby Musical Society 2018


We were asked to create a series of videos that were shown during Hornsby Musical Society's performance of "We Will Rock You" in April 2018.

Rather than show Killer Queen's death on stage, the director of the musical wanted her death to be shown on screen. We continued the idea of the "glitch" effects by "corrupting" the footage until the signal was lost.


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